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Facial Tissue

Serial number
 FT - A02022
 100sheets/pack  *  Double *  100packs/case
 Wood pulp
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  Package can be required to production

Jumbo roll tissues(Single)

Hand roll paper towel

Removable facial tissue

MAYSUN roll tissues

Jumbo roll tissues(PULP)

About Xiang Yuan

Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town Yuan Xiang Paper Products Factory is a wholly-owned enterprises, was founded in 2005. We have to tie down in the field of deep processing of paper products, innovation, so far has been in commercial paper Xiang paper products industry had an outstanding performance. 2007 registered successful, "MAYSUN" trade mark, Yuan Xiang Paper will be in the new paper on the steps to achieve a new leap forward.

Our professional:

  • Jumbo large rolls tissue
  • Folding paper towels
  • Roll paper towels
  • Facial tissue
  • Paper napkin
  • Toilet paper roll

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